Sneaky CoffeeCAT

Back in town for coffee and a chat with Chantelle. On the way, we passed a weird sight from the open-top bus (still too stubborn to admit it’s bloody freezing so ended up doing it again): what used to be a church (as evidenced by crosses on 3 turrets – were they turrets? not too sure) was converted into a TESCO convenience store! I’ve decided to name it “The Tesco Church”. Anyway, I ended up having another childish argument with Kitz on the way, and as my own form of childish retaliation, I moved 2 seats away from him (to the left) which is still pretty much nearby. Umm, fell asleep for a couple of minutes until the bus driver decided to turn the dreary bus ride to a simulation of a runaway rollercoaster ride. If you remember correctly, we are still seated outdoors, and to my jubilation (oh yeah!) i found Kitz cowering behind the seat in front of him (apparently using it as a shield against the blustering wind). Yep, i was thinking the same thing. The wussy chicken. Hehehe. Weirdly i found myself enjoying the ride and screaming WHEEEEEEE! (in my head, obviously, i dont want my fellow public transport buddies to think im a lunatic).

Sadly, the trip had to end (much to my dismay – as i’ve already said “sadly”). <—why do i do this??? seriously?!…

Met up with Chantelle, had a quick discussion in adoration to my newly-bought Spanx (seriously this thing is a miracle worker!). We haven't even been talking for 10 minutes and Kitz has already contributed his regular conversational booboo stating : "I'll never go to B'mouth TOPLESS again". (Translated: I will never ride the OPEN-TOP bus to B’mouth again). My goodness, if he was a female he’d get weird looks from other people. (Topless?! Seriously!)

While deciding where to have coffee, we saw Phoebe and Kirstin across the road. They’ve been to the gym getting their summer bods ready (and i’m feeling guilty cos im getting married and i haven’t even bothered to start losing weight).

So there we were, chatting again, and Phoebe asks what we’ve bought. Earlier Chantelle asked the same question and Kitz said he bought sneakers that make him look like a teenager again. So in response to Phoebe’s query, I said “Oh those are Kitz’s ambitious-teenage-fantasy shoes” and it cracked them up. I honestly dont know how i came up with it but those words were so befitting (ooooh be-fit-ting! Big word for me! YAY!).

Anyway, had coffee. And cake. And an egg and bacon sandwich. Before you pop a vein, the sandwich wasn’t mine. Contrary to what i said earlier about feeling guilty for not trying to lose weight, i know this does not look it. But I’ve redeemed myself and I am going to walk for HOURS (well probably only 2, but still!) with Chantelle on Monday to see stunning views of the English countryside! Yeah yeah, laugh all you can, I’m gonna do it, even if it kills me (i think it might). Still,looking forward to it (and the cream tea and scones treat at the end, heheh)!

Oh oh, nearly forgot about cat! Meow meow was enjoying the night in our backyard. As we went out for some fresh air, she nearly scared us out of 10 years’ growth. Then I tried calling her, and wonder of wonders, she came closer and brushed against me! Awwww, she even allowed me to pet her! I scratched her ears, and Kitz also had a go. Then, when she had her fill of human attention, she left. (I felt so used!)

Finally a CSI episode I haven’t seen just came on! Gonna divert my attention to the telly now. More soon!