Decided to make the most of the day with a trip on the open-top bus. Although it is bright and sunshiney, the wind is freezing cold and we’re both shivering silently. Well basically we’re just too stubborn to make the first move to seek shelter inside the balmy and warm inside of the bus for fear of being called a wimp. Wait wait waaaaaait…… Ahhh. Just a flitting feeling of nausea as i am onboard the ferry that takes us to the other side of the isle. Okay in a few minutes i’ll be out of coverage area so i may not post it right now. Right. Im gon go tuck my hands in cos i cant feel my fingers no more. Just showing Kitz how tough i am in rough extreme conditions. That’ll show him. Hah! Seriously, gotta go, fingers are frozen gaaaaaaaaaaaaah!



A Lazy Afternoon


12:51PM 23 March 2011. I have just decided, on a whim, to start describing the world as i see it, to my future child. Before you pop a vein, no, i am not pregnant. Right. So, i woke up earlier, famished as usual, had a cuppa and cheese on toast. I vaguely remember Kitz saying something about the police and runaway horses. When i went out to enjoy the lovely 15 degree sunshine and breathe in the cool spring air, it wasnt as spring-ish as i expected. I caught a whiff of the so-called runaway horses who, yes you guessed, crapped on my backyard. Well that woke me up anyway. I’m still in my pyjamas and am sat on the couch (which kitz fondly thinks is like the cute hedgehog statue fitted snuggly in her own couch)


currently channel surfing (yes, it is a sport). So far, I’ve watched the news about Gaddafi’s stubborn attempt to hold out against British and US forces. Now i’m having my daily dose of British Music Charts.

Kitz is still at work, the policemen came just a while ago and shooed the horses back to their fence. I’ve been touring Hong Kong in the internet trying to make out a 3-day itinerary for Junior. And i’m feeling hungry again. Oh woe is meeeeee. The only time i get any exercise is when i need to go to the loo. I’ll try and write more soon. This actually isn’t like me. I mean i could go on and on and on talking for hours but I’m currently too lethargic to do so. Right. I’ll try again later. Ciao ciao!